Naughty Diaper Girls is the site for everyone who loves diapers, diaper training, adult baby girls, wetting and other naughty behavior. Our models pose in diapers, pose inside cribs and discuss their diaper training in ABDL interviews. Our movie clips are suitable for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones (ipad, iphone, etc).

Willow Wet Diaper

Baby WIllow is on the couch trying to get someone to change her diaper. She cries for Mommie and Daddie and even tries to flirt her way into a quick diaper change from the cameraman. WIllow flaunts her sexy little ABDL body but has to sit in her wet diaper some more!

Auntie Jamie Babytalk Tease

Jamie is babysitting her nephew and she is going to have her boyfriend over so she shows nephew a pacifier, rattle and diaper and tells him in baby talk that he is going to be infantilized while her big boyfriend comes over. She also shows him her body which he will get if he's a good baby boy.

Auntie Baby Wipes

Willow wet the couch last time she stayed so auntie is taking precautions and diapering the girl but first she wipes her down to make sure cute Willow is all clean and ready for her protective panty.

Backyard Wetting

Her friend has left her in the backyard. He'll be back but she is locked out. SHe has had too much to drink and tries to hold it, even tries to go at some point while dqating but cannot but then lets out the longest pee ever!

Protester Pees

The mom of the house wants more involvement as a family instead of everyone off on their phones and computers so she blocks the door so no one can leave but one problem- she has to go to the bathroom very badly. She holds it and struggles until she has to let loose in her pastel panties.

Willow Diaper Exploration

Our cutie Willow has gotten so verbal and she poses and plays with herself over her squishy diaper just for us. Willow is really coming out of her shell.

Willow Diaper Tease

Cute Willow shows her diaper off to you little by little. She is shy at first but then struts her very cute stuff in her diaper, including showing off her cute diapered bottom for us.

Willow and Pacifier

Willow makes sweet love to her pacifier and really enjoys being the center of your attention! With her wavy hair and thick little bottom she fills out the diaper just right and is such a perfect ADBL playmate.

Willow's Confession

After being sent to her room by her mean mom, Willow talks to a friend and details the evenets of her "Diaper Day" at school. Although she is embarrassed, pretty little Willow decides to make the best of her diaper punishment and models for her friend.

Audrey and Aunt Clare

Audrey is begging not to go to Aunt Clare's house again as she was diapered. She tells her mom about the various punishments she endured including having to wear a bib, pacifier and diaper.

Willow's Mean Mom

Poor Willow got sent home from school and must confess to her snooty Mom that she wet her pants and got sent to the nurse. Mom has gotten a phone call from school and is upset with Willow when she comes in the door, diapered.

Party Pee Lady

The conservatively dressed lady is waiting to pee at a party. Someone is in the bathroom. She waits patiently but hops and bends, clutching herself as she really has to go. Finally she wets her pants!
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